viernes, 10 de junio de 2016

                                                       DIGITAL IDENTITY. INVESTIGATION

   1.What can i find about my classmates?

    Investigate team n #6     A. Ana paula Solano      and B. Iñigo Iriondo Delgado

  A.Ana Paula Solano

She has a Facebook account with some photos. The personal information provided by Facebook saying that she is  a female and shows her birthday at the place where  she studies.She has a Linkedin account, but there is no information about her.

B.Iñigo Iriondo Delgado

I have found an account in Facebook of him , but there are not images only friends. He have made an  account of symballo and a presentation in prezi. Also he has an account on google , but there are no photos related to him on google images. He has comented in a video of  youtube , because he has an account. In the year 2013-2014 he studied in an english high-school in London which had won a prize in literature.


  2. What do others see about you on the internet?  

They see my account on Instagram and Facebook , also there is an image in google.

 3.What does Google see about me?   

Google know the times and the days that i have been searching in google. Also knows that i have a samsung grand neo and that I had got an samsung S3.

What have you changed?

I have delet on the devices that had been entering in my account

4.Lets control what google shows about us
It showsmy birthday and my genre, but muy birthday is written wrong.It doesnt show any other information .I have changed my birthday.

martes, 12 de abril de 2016